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Frequently Asked Questions

In Smilechat, we are here to answer any question you have for us!

Smilechat Overview

Smilechat is a community social medial platform create to bring different people together thereby giving them the opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas, stories, news, goods and services with one another.

anyone who is above the age of 12 can use smilechat social media platform, if you like to make more profit online by selling your products and services to friends and family i think Smilechat is the best choice for you!.  

Anybody can be a member in Smilechat, Smilechat comes with both free and basic levels, new members are free to choose from their desire levels of Smilechat.

Smilechat Free level allows members to access limited area of the smilechat community platform, members will not be able to join groups or create groups, but in the Smilechat Basic levels members have full access to every features of Smilechat social media community platform.

Yes! you can use Smilechat anywhere in the world

Yes! members can search for other members in Smilechat social media platform.

Getting Started

Yes! you can create an account with Smilechat from the home page, by clicking on the register button.

Members can edith their profile in the profile page.

Members can invite their friends and families to Smilechat by using the share and invite button in the profile page of Smilechat.